We feel good if we accept our body. We strive to look attractive and to be seen as such. Being happy about one's looks is directly linked to being happy about one's life. Being fit means to be healthy and „a sound body is a sound mind”.

World Health Organization alarms - each year there are more and more people suffering from obesity. The phenomenon increasingly includes children and youth. Also Poland is in danger of obesity epidemics.

The rate of obese people is still increasing in Poland. According to POL-MONICA BIS research carried out in right-bank Warsaw and former tarnobrzeskie voivodeship the obesity rate (both for men and women) is comparable to the whole Europe (22% for women and 15% for men).

More and more often we bet on our career. This includes greater loads of stress and overwork. We don't care about rational diet and physical condition. Life in a constant rush makes us do things quickly. We don't even notice our weight growth and obesity.

People who are obese apart from being concerned with their health and looks, often deal with self-acceptance issues. They are more likely to get depressed, feel low on worth. Obese children are often ridiculed at school, which affects their future lives.

Evoluo Foundation sees the obesity issue. Obesity is often a cause of low self esteem, an obstacle to realization of dreams and plans. Obese person is often associated as lazy, not concerned with self-care and not competent. Obese people often don't accept themselves and therefore emotional support and specialist psychological care is important for them.

Obesity is also a state of mind, an intellectual coma. Obese people often are in need of emotional stimulus to be activated. The solution form them may be coaching led by specialists that will support them throughout therapy stages. From diagnosis to treatment, and most importantly psychological support once the medical intervention has occurred including: development support, encouraging education and seeking a new interesting job.

To those who decide to get our support we offer:

  • psychological support throughout the treatment process, including post-surgery period
  • coaching sessions supporting self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • professional activation, support in „coming-out”
  • access to education materials
  • we also offer contact with a team of medical doctors specializing in treating obesity and related illnesses in specialist clinics.

Looks do matter. We don't have to be perfect. We need to learn to accept ourselves. Obesity doesn't have to be an obstacle in achieving private and professional success.

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