Poland opens up to the world, just as the world opens up to Poland. As our country progresses economically, it also welcomes more and more foreigners who made a choice to stay and link their future with the country. They are a huge and underestimated health, which may fertilize our culture and modern history.

Evoluo Foundation wants to show how to draw from this wealth in order to make Poland a diverse, interesting and colourful. We wish Poland to be world-acknowledged for its cultural diversification. We wish cultural differences do not only mean social welfare, integration and refugee support, but mostly the ability of building a colourful, tolerant and accepting society. Being Intercultural means a cultural merger, openness to alien trends, flavours, customs, scents, music and art. It is getting to know a new world, a world that is within our reach.

We organize:

  • concerts
  • exhibitions
  • trips
  • tasting
  • presentations
  • shows
  • contests
  • TV and radio shows

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