The Foundation wants to embrace people aware of their potential, dreams and abilities - intellectual, artistic, creative. We want to take care and give support in self-realization to those, who for some reasons feel underestimated, week, surrounded by barriers, limited. Also those who have problems dealing with reality emotionally.

Our aim is to make them aware that illness, unattractive looks, Lack of financial opportunities and connections Or what seems to ba Lack of qualifications don't have to be an obstacle to change your life.

Evoluo Foundation was set up by Armen Mekhakyan, the first Polish image coach, to motivate and support those who, while feeling their potential, find it difficult to realize their ideas. Evoluo wants to reach those who do not accept the surrounding reality as it is, have knowledge and abilities which they cannot, or for different reasons are unable to take advantage of. Those who have an idea about themselves but are afraid to realize it seeing too many obstacles and limitations.

During coaching sessions we want to make them realize their dreams may become plans. Plans that may become reality owing to their growing self-acceptance and self-belief. Coaching is not only fashion but an effective work tool that allows to specify individual life or career goals and also to find ways to achieve them. Coaching is not psychotherapy, it is not counselling or consulting. It is supporting a person in becoming specific about their needs. It is setting a path to making dreams reality.

Going through a series of tailor-made coaching sessions, you are going to see your hidden resources. You are going to learn how to manage them so that they serve your life. The sessions will make you aware of your potential and that it's worth using it to change your life.

Instead of focusing on things you lack, consider and analyze what you have. What are my talents and skills? How can I develop them to change my life? What am I good at? What do I like?

Instead of complaining and saying changes are impossible, learn to act. Learn to manage your life and achieve your goals.

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