The author of the idea and the founder of Evoluo is Armen Mekhakyan, Polish citizen od Armenian origin. He Has been supporting people in their self-growth for ten years. He believes that quality of communication with other people decides about the quality of life. Language is important - its beauty, tone, the way we address another person, the choice of words, non-verbal communication. His knowledge on the subject comes from one of American schools of communication, the Intercultural Studies Department of Warsaw University and Polish NLP Institute.

Communication and related problems have always been central to Armen's interests. His initial experience on that matter was collected first while working as a simultaneous translator, then in sales and marketing area of advertising sector. Heading for realization of his dreams, over the time he has created his own coaching program. Image coaching is, according to Armen, a change or improvement of our image that doesn't interfere with the integrity of our personality. Quite on the contrary, it sharpens the person's or institution's character.

Assuming that image is a synergy of Visual presentation, behaviour, Communications style, auto-presentation and acceptance - image coaching is a holistic work on fuller use of both physical and personality resources of a person or institution. Armen is the author of the method and one of the first image coaches in Poland. Due to his roots Armen has a perfect understanding of cultural differences and necessity to be open to experience exchange. Today when cultural mix consolidated also in Poland, in Polish business and everyday life, Armen is a unique expert in the field.

Armen about himself:
„I dislike to talk about dreams, I prefer to talk about plans - they become instantly more realistic. I don't like to be on a losing position, when something doesn't go smoothly for me I say to myself that apparently I didn't need that, I didn't really want it. I promised myself one thing: I will never complain. One has to believe that what one wants is possible and consequently realize it.”

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